Lije Sarki is a filmmaker, writer, and producer who brings his humble Midwest Michigan roots to everything he does. From shooting skate videos with his friends to producing Hollywood films with movie stars, he has garnered a versatile and unique skillset. At the moment, Lije has a number of films and television series in various stages of development and production. With the success of THE PEANUT BUTTER FALCON, he has been able to focus on stories that really ring true to his core values. During pre-production on PBF, he wrote, directed, and produced CONCRETE KIDS -- shot over 17 nights with its 9-year-old stars and $25K. It can now be found streaming on Hulu.


Currently, Lije is developing a series with Peanut Butter Falcon directors, Michael Schwartz and Tyler Nilson. Lije lives in Venice, CA with his wife and two children. He still surfs or skates every single day.


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